The WNDRWall Flexible Module

Create amazing space in no time!








Create a dynamic wall section in the easiest imaginable way using our custom made frames. It is possible by using our unique alloy WNDR profile that has already multiple interfaces such as grooves and threads integrated. The perfect basis to build all kinds of walls, doors, windows for an entire room within a room.

The integrated panels can be equipped with acoustic functional fabrics and materials. Our solution for windows within these walls are coloured Plexiglas panes.  These can be easily combined in limitless variations for a perfect light atmosphere. Our panels provide enough space to integrate electric connections for outlets, lights and any other electric devices.

Our very own Telephone Box is one of the first result of making use of this modular concept. We want to inspire designers, developers and customers to come up with their own ideas for applications and new functionality.  A professional solution with endless possibilities. 




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